During Christmas week I carried out the following works:-


  • Carried out 3 dropped kerb inspections in Forge Bank, Bosbury
  • Completed my December Playground Inspection and placed new yellow stickers on the Information boards
  • Carried out my December Monthly Walked Inspection in Ledbury Town
  • Followed up on a complaint ref gullys at the junction of The Swallow with the Common, Wellington Heath
  • Arranged for Flood boards on the A449 Ledbury side of the Wellington PH and raised 3 blocked gully defects
  • Raised 10 pothole defects in Gwynne`s Hill
  • Inspected 2 PROW`s in Much Marcle following reports from a MOP
  • Attended the wooden steps off the Little Marcle road and replaced the red/white hazard tape to deter pedestrians from using the damaged stairs
  • Inspected a bus shelter for signs of wear in Walwyn Road
  • On Wednesday before Christmas excessive rainfall resulted in considerable water run off from already saturated farmland which resulted in in the need for Flood boards and Warning notices at multiple locations. I believe an announcement was made on the Twitter Account to advise motorist to drive with utmost caution due to the prevailing weather conditions
  • Identified 4 blocked gullys on the B4221
  • Inspected a site on the B4224 at Falcon House regarding further issues raised by a concerned resident
  • Located and removed a fallen tree which was blocking the Ross bound lane of the B4224 in How Caple
  • Raised a defect to cut back the Ivy encroaching over the Walled Garden into Church Road, Ledbury and
  • Responded to a request to cleanse gullys on the C1297 which had already been raised

During the past week I have carried out the following works:- 

  • Raised 12 Carriageway and gully defects on the B4214 and B4220
  • Carried out my fortnightly inspection of the Blue barriers on the B4224 nr How Caple Crossroads
  • Raised a Cat 1 defect for a pothole on the B4224 nr to Rugden House
  • Conducted my Quarterly C Link 1 Driven Inspection over a 2 day period and raised over 40 carriageway defects
  • Raised a Cat 1 defect for a pothole nr to Argus Farm on the B4216 Ledbury
  • Raised a pothole defect at the entrance to Parkway Filling Station
  • Attended the A438 Eastnor to Hollybush and raised 5 carriageway defects, one being a Cat 1 defect
  • Raised 3 jobs to collect Flood boards from one location on the A417 Parkway and two on the A438 at Eastnor
  • Cleared a gully blockage in the High Street, Ledbury
  • Conducted a site visit to a scaffolding Site and liaised with the Builders regarding the conditions of the permit
  • Raised a sweeping job to remove a significant build up of spoil in New Mills, Ledbury
  • Attended Hereford Road, Ledbury and raised a job for the ARB team regarding a fallen tree, turned a sign to correct orientation to warning motorists of the Bridge height and liaised with the Lighting Supervisor regarding an unusual excavation around the base of a lamp column
  • Attended the B4214 Bromyard Road and inspected 10 gullys and raised 5 defects for gullys requiring attention
  • Raised a sweeping job for excessive mud and gravel on the carriageway outside Sequani, Ledbury
  • Investigated a report from the Upton Bishop Clerk regarding a sewage plant which is managed by the Public Realm Contract and not Highways
  • Raised replacement/refills defects for 3 grit bins in the Upton Bishop area
  • Revisited PROW UB22 on behalf of the enforcement officer and noted that no remedial action had been undertaken
  • Inspected a pothole on the A449 in Much Marcle and following liaison with the South Supervisor noted that the works were due to take place the following day
  • Raised a Cat 1 Defect for a Pothole in Jubilee Drive, Colwall lack of Direction signs at Wyche Cutting on the B
  • Identified 4 blocked Gullys and a Sweeping job in Brockhill Road, Colwall
  • Raised 3 blocked Gullys and 2 pothole defects in Beacon Road, Colwall
  • Followed up on a concern over a lack of Signage on the B4218 nr Wyche Cutting
  • Raised a Cat 1B defect for a large pothole in The Cummins as a result of damage caused by Land drainage water
  • Identified the need to cleanse a Gully and jet a blocked culvert at the junction of The Cummins and the C1167
  • Raised a defect for the Reactive Gangs to address an issue of Heave on the A417 south of Parkway
  • Inspected a proposed dropped kerb application in Farjeon Close, Ledbury and finally
  • Raised a pothole defect in Floyd Lane, Wellington Heath

In the Meantime here is a summary of works carried out by the Reactive teams across the locality during the past week.


Hope End……..Cllr Tony Johnson

  • Type 1 stone (2 tonnes approx.) laid in Cowl Barn Lane due to a number of surface defects

Ledbury North……….Cllr Liz Harvey

  • Removed tree limb in Hereford Road
  • Repollard tree in Bank Crescent due excessive mistletoe

Ledbury South.….. Cllr Helen I`Anson

  • Carried out 3.43 sq metres of 10 mm Wearing Course Carriageway repairs on
  • The A438 from the A449 to Hollybush and
  • The B4216 from the C1310 to the A417 Ledbury By Pass
  • Removed flood boards from the A417 Ledbury By Pass
  • Repollard Elder tree and reduced tree crown by 25% on the A449 The Southend
  • Raise a Tree Crown in Oakland Drive to allow pedestrian access and
  • Cleansed 2 gullys on the C1309 from the A449 to China Court


Ledbury West……..Cllr Phillip Howells 

  • No Reports

Old Gore……….Cllr Barry Durkin

  • Carried out 5.22 sq metres of 10 mm Wearing Course Carriageway repairs on
  • The B4224 from Cross in Hand to the B4225
  • The B4224 from Falcon Lane to Cross in Hand and
  • Terrace Farm Road
  • Verge pull back of 20 metres on the C1286 from the B4221 to Kempley Road
  • Attended a Highways Incident on the B4224 Cross in Hand and removed the carcass of a deer and
  • Cleansed 17 Gullys on the B4224, B4221 and B4225                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

 Useful Information

  1. Herefordshire Council has an interactive Web site……… It can be found @ www.herefordshire.gov.uk

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  4. your Local Parish Council,
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  1. Please note that Herefordshire Council strongly encourages Balfour Beatty to promote all service requests and queries should be logged via the HC website at   

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Please encourage individuals to use the website or call the customer services call handling team.

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  1. For any PROW (Public Rights of Way) maps or problems, you can report these via the following link on the Herefordshire Council`s website: 

You can search for PROW information on the map using:- Footpath references, Postcodes, Addresses and Grid References e.g. 354000 254000

https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/info/200136/travel_and _transport/248/public_rights_of_way_map


Neil James