Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan Development Archive

The Much Marcle Neighbourhood Development Plan Working Group, under the direction of the Much Marcle Parish Council, has prepared the following information.

The Much Marcle Neighbourhood Development Plan (the Plan) is a new type of planning document that sets out the direction of growth in Much Marcle parish until 2031. It is part of the Government’s new approach to planning, which aims to give local people more say about what goes on in their area.

The Plan provides a vision and objectives for the future of the community and sets out clear policies to realise them.

The Plan has been developed through extensive consultation with the people of Much Marcle parish and others with an interest in the community.

The Plan gives local people the opportunity to have some control over where new housing and any other new development should be built.

New development is to be focused within or adjacent to the three existing settlements, and through conversion or re-use of redundant buildings.

Settlement Boundaries have been drawn for Much Marcle, Rushall and Kynaston with the principal aims of (i) preventing coalescence between the three settlements thus preserving their historic separate identity and (ii) preventing further incursion into open countryside.

The Plan will allow for some infill in existing developed frontages, within or outside Settlement Boundaries, to enable limited and controlled growth.

Much Marcle contains a conservation area at its core. The character of this area should be preserved.

The Plan will support appropriate development in open countryside only where such proposed development meets the policies set out in the Plan and can be proved to be sustainable.

The Plan is designed to be flexible, adaptable and above all sustainable in order to ensure the future wellbeing of our community, meet the needs of a growing population, safeguard our environment and build our local economy.

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