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TO ALL ELECTORS OF MUCH MARCLEPARISHYou are invited to take part in theANNUAL PARISH MEETINGto be held at THE MEMORIAL HALL, Much Marcleon WEDNESDAY 12th April at 7.30pmThis is not to be confused with the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council but is an OPENmeeting of...

Defibrillator for Rushall Club

Defibrillator for Rushall Club

A new defibrillator was fitted to Rushall Club, Rushall today, Monday the 19th December 2022. The parish Council would like to thank Francis Wynne-Jones for his invaluable help with the installation especially as it was a tad nippy today!

Verge Cutting Programme 2022

Dear Parish / Town Clerk, As we begin to leave the colder weather behind us and move into spring we are planning for this year’s verge cutting programme. As with last year we will be cutting the verges twice as contracted; our first verge cut is currently scheduled to...