Neighbourhood Plan Working Party Report 29th March 2016

Report of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Party held in the Memorial Hall
on Tuesday 29th March 2016

Present: J Marsden Chairman

Also Present: Cllr T Weston B Morgan J Finnigan J Gibbon
J Weston H Woodman

1. Apologies: K Cotton
2. Declarations of interest – No interests were declared.

3. Report 16th March 2016 – The report was accepted.

Herefordshire Biological Records Centre (HBRC)
H Woodman reported that the biological/natural environment data and Evidence Summary for the Neighbourhood Plan could now be updated, pending receipt of a data ‘package’ requested from HBRC at a cost of £150.00, which was approved by T Weston as chair of the Parish Council

4. Evidence Summary
The document, updated with references and pictures, is to be on display at the Public Meeting with the word “DRAFT” watermarked onto each page.
J Marsden to forward the latest version to S Tagg for comment and further updating – if time allows, the data form HBRC will be included in a new composite version to be made available at the public consultation on 11 April.

5. Public Consultation Meeting, Monday 11 April

Flyer with Programme and Issues, Objectives & Policies document to be included with this month’s edition of the Mercury.
Postman Gordon to distribute the same documents to all households in the parish.
H Woodman to contact C Smith to investigate the chances of including some notification on the village website.

Parish Council Website
The meeting expressed its concern that the Parish Council website was not yet functioning and that the resulting lack of communication with parishioners put at risk the completion of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Housing Land Allocation and Redundant Buildings Maps
J Weston to produce final copies of OS versions for record.
J Weston to produce a set of Redundant Buildings as a dot map with a separate key.
J Weston to consult Danielle Bowers to check that visual images of these maps can be displayed from a laptop at the public consultation meeting on 11 April.
B Morgan to check for possible inconsistencies in the agreed maps and table of Housing Land Allocations agreed by the Working Group in June 2015.
J Gibbon to forward current versions of these maps to J Weston and B Morgan.
Working Party Members
Should arrive at 6 pm for a 7 pm start.
Discussions with Members of the Public
If in doubt Working Party members are asked to take a note of questions to which they cannot provide an authoritative answer – i.e. just say you don’t know, will find someone who does, and we’ll respond in writing say within 5 working days.

6. Herefordshire Planning Department – Karla Johnson
J Gibbon to invite K Johnson to attend the Public Meeting with apologies for the short notice.

7. Housing Bill
J Marsden and J Weston to review the Housing Bill in order to assess its possible impact on the Neighbourhood Plan.

8. Discussion with S Tagg
J Marsden indicated his intention to discuss with S Tagg her role in assisting the Working Party complete the Neighbourhood Plan.

9. Thanks to T Weston
The Chairman recorded his thanks to T Weston for the production and distribution of the publicity flyer and Issues document and also the A3 sized maps required for the Public Meeting.

10. Previous Notification of Chairman’s Absence on 31st May
J Marsden reported that his schedule had changed and that he would now be able to attend on this date.

J. Gibbon March 2016