NDP Report 17th August 2016

Report of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Party held in the Memorial Hall on Wednesday 17th August 2016

Present: J Marsden Chairman

Also Present: Cllr T Weston J Finnigan J Gibbon J Weston

1. Apologies: B Morgan S Rose H Woodman

2. Declarations of interest
None declared.

3. Report of 2nd August 2016
The report was accepted.
The Working Party wished to record its thanks to H Woodman for completing the report in the Secretary’s absence.

4. Feedback from the Parish Council Meeting of 10th August
The Parish Council was asked to consider and agree version 3.2 of the draft plan. The Parish Council agreed version 3.2 and indicated they were pleased with the overall progress made in writing the draft plan.

The Parish Council approved informal consultation of version 3.2 of the draft NDP with Herefordshire County Council NDP team prior to Reg 14 submission; and asked that community views again be sought at a further public meeting in the Memorial Hall during the six-week formal consulation period. A date (to be confirmed) in the fourth week of the six-week consultation period was proposed.

The Chairman agreed to write another article for publication in The Mercury to promote the public meeting and provide an update on progress and next steps in the timeline towards completion of the plan. This would likely be for the October edition of The Mercury, dependent on the current project plan timeline being adhered to (see item 6 below).

To ensure complete coverage of all residences in the parish invitations to attend this public meeting would be distributed by each of the local Parish Councillors to all dwellings within their ‘patch’.
Draft Plan Publication (Reg 14)
The Parish Council agreed that Copies of the draft plan would be made available prior to Reg 14 public consultation on the Parish Council website, in the village shop, at Westons Cider, Graham Baker Motors, and the residences of the Chairman and Secretary of the Working Party.

Risk of Non-compliance with Herefordshire Core Strategy
The Parish Council was asked to consider the risks (i.e. related to ‘non-conformity’ with Core Strategy) and possible mitigation associated with continuing to treat Kynaston as a Settlement Area within the meaning of Core Strategy Policy RA2, rather than under Policy RA3 – Herefordshire’s Countryside.

J Marsden, T Weston and S Tagg to meet the Herefordshire Neighbourhood Planning Team to discuss version 3.2 of the draft plan at an informal (Pre-Reg 14) consultation meeting and put forward the view that the treatment of Kynaston as a settlement was necessary as this represented the wishes of the Parish Council and local people, and best reflects the character and identity of the parish.

T Weston to seek the support of County Councillor B Durkin, and J Marsden that of Bill Wiggin MP in promoting this view.

Correspondence to be published on the Parish Council Website
All correspondence relating to the plan will be published on the Parish Council website, in the interests of openness and community participation, but names and addresses of correspondents would be redacted.

In the case of the letters concerning St. Bartholomew’s Church (extension of burial ground and new parking provision) the names of these correspondents are easily identified.

J Gibbon to write to J Chapman seeking permission to retain the names included in letters from the Church.

5. Quotation for Consultancy Services from Foxley Tagg Ltd
The FTP fee proposal (reference SAMT/14/06/949) was considered and discussion identified aspects of this quotation which could be supported and several which gave cause for concern and would be challenged.
The Chairman was empowered to address these concerns by writing to S Tagg so that with her assistance an itemised account for a Locality Grant Application could be prepared.

J Gibbon to arrange a sub-group meeting composed of T Weston, D Baldwin and
J Weston in order to complete an application for a Locality Grant as soon as possible.

6. Review of NDP Project Plan

The current project plan, as amended following an email exchange dated 19 August with Karla Johnson at Herefordshire Council, is as follows:

  • Informal pre-Reg 14 consultation with Herefordshire Council (Aug/Sep ’16)
  • Formal six-week consultation (Reg 14) with the local community (Sep-Oct ’16) to include a further open public meeting during week 4 of 6;
  • Amend the draft Plan in light of views received (Nov-Dec ’16);
  • Submit final plan (Reg 15) to Herefordshire Council (Jan ’17);
  • Plan published for 6 weeks for representations (Reg 16) by Herefordshire Council (Jan-Feb ’17);
  • Herefordshire Council arrange independent examination (March-Apr ’17);
  • Proceed with Examiner’s recommendation, amend Plan as required, and Herefordshire Council arrange a local referendum (Jun-Jul ’17);
  • Adoption of the Plan following approval by Herefordshire Council Aug-Sep ’17).

Every effort would be made to adhere to the existing timeline laid down for down the production of the Neighbourhood Plan. However it should be noted that the need for amendments may be created by:

  • changes to the Kynaston settlement boundary following consultation with Herefordshire Council;
  • limited size of the Much Marcle settlement boundary; and
  • proposals suggested by the community during public consultation stages.

The required number of dwellings for development in the parish was still to be clarified.

7. Date of the Next Meeting Wednesday September 21st.

The meeting scheduled for August 30th is cancelled.

J Gibbon 19th August 2016