Please note:-

As of 1st April 2022 there have been some changes. At the request of HC, Public Rights of Way and TRO`s are now being handled by HC Directly

This means that they will by dealing with the following aspects

  • All PROW enquiries and/or Complaints
  • PROW inspections, emergencies, Closures, defects and repairs.
  • Highways Enforcement (past stage 1) and full PROW Enforcement process.
  • P3 Schemes
  • Communication updates
  • Support with Walking groups, PFO’s and any others.

The new contact Email address is –

  • All TRO Enquiries/ complaints / applications
  • Section 116/117 stopping up orders
  • Tourist signs, Disabled Bays & H-Bars
  • SIDs – applications, installs and deployments

The new contact Email address is – 

Old Gore……….Cllr Barry Durkin

  • Carried out 10.62 sq metres of 10mm Wearing course carriageway repairs on
  • The C1293 from The Wonder to Park Farm
  • The C1294 from the C1293 to Hall Court Farm (7)
  • The C1295 from Woolhope Cockshoot to Nupend (9)
  • The C1301 from the C1295 to Glowson Wood Junction and
  • The C1301 from Glowson Wood junction to Hill (4)
  • LS cleared a 3 metre section of ditching on the B4224 from Falcon Lane to Cross in Hand
  • Created 2 grips on the B4221 from Runsel Grange to Windy Hollow
  • Cleansed 25 metres of culvert on the B4224 from Cross in Hand to the B4225
  • Dealt with an incident of Fly Tipping at Gatsford Crossroads (Rubbish, pots, high viz vest etc)
  • Cleansed a gully on the A449 Hillington to Woodredding Farm and
  • Cut back vegetation on Lyne Down Road


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