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Herefordshire Trail 2022

Herefordshire Trail 2022

Relaunching Spring 2022
The Trail will be relaunched in spring 2022 with a PR campaign targeting national media and promoting sustainable travel to the county (train & bus).

Ledbury Locality Annual Plan from Balfour Beatty

A map of planned works for the Ledbury area to be carried out by Balfour Beatty The maps have been updated with additional information and you should also be able to zoom in and out without loosing quality and print out on A3.

Parish Litter Pick & Village Tidy

Saturday October 2nd 2021 @ 10am This year the parish council would like to ensure the whole parish has equal attention. We will now have two start points.Memorial Hall, Much Marcle, for the village and Westons side of the main road.Rushall club for Rushall &...

Rules to Prevent Water Pollution

Rules for farmers and land managers to prevent water pollution What you must do to manage manure, fertiliser and soil to prevent runoff, erosion and leaching. Read the full Government doucment here.

Parish Litter Pick.

In a typical year around this time, we try and gather a few very helpful villagers to undertake a litter pick around our village. As we know, this year is very different. One positive thing has been the increase is people walking for pleasure. Many of our Councillors...

Parish Council Website HAS MORE NEWS

Parish Council Website HAS MORE NEWS The parish council website now has additional news and information. All the latest News from Hereford Council, your Ward Councillor Barry Durkin, together with local and parish council news.  There are also Twitter feeds from...